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Why should the state of the ozone layer matter to me?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

"Although it seems ironic, sometimes we have to take care of what is taking care of us"

The ozone layer, in simple terms, is a natural filter, a gas shield that protects us from the sun's rays and allows life on Planet Earth. It is responsible for filtering most of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, especially ultraviolet B rays, allowing ultraviolet A rays, necessary for life on Earth, to pass through.

For a person aware of the importance of preserving the ozone layer, it is very easy to answer why we should care about its state, today it is very common to hear people complaining about how strong the sun's rays feel, precisely it depends onthe state of the protective layer. The more deteriorated it is, the ultraviolet rays will have a free way to enter with more force, that means to skin diseases, loss of crops, among other problems.

To date, the state of the ozone layer (according to studies carried out by a University in the United States) has undergone small changes, fortunately positive, the confinement caused by the pandemic last year increased its recovery on a small scale, although this did not it is still enough. Since 1987, measures have been taken to reduce the use of ozone-degrading substances, if we continue like this and increase these measures, it is estimated that in 10 years we will be able to see more favorable results. Preserving that layer of natural gas, which protects us from even skin cancer, belongs to everyone, it is not only about us, but about everything that lives on planet earth, animals and plants. All this may even seem ironic, to protect something that is protecting us, but it is like that, the more actions in favor we do for it, the more and better protected we will ALL be.

You may be wondering about what you should do to contribute to its preservation, I tell you that, you do not necessarily need to sign international agreements or take an oath in front of the cameras to cause a change, well, if your position allows it and you can do it, do it. , but for most there are many very practical ways to help, I leave some below and if you have other actions, you can write them in a comment.

• Use your car as little as possible. If you can walk or use a bicycle instead of driving a car, you will be helping a lot, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

• Eat local products. Another way of saying it is, zero kilometer products, that is, they are products that do not need to travel long distances to reach the final consumer.

• Use energy-saving bulbs. These bulbs have a longer lifespan and are much more energy efficient than normal bulbs.

• Substitute spray deodorants for sticks. This is something that, personally, I am putting into practice, the truth is that I had no idea of ​​the damage that these products cause, since they contain chlorofluorocarbons, which are mainly responsible for the deterioration of the ozone layer.

• Plant a tree and take care of it. It is not enough just to plant a tree, it is also necessary to ensure its growth.

Thank you for reading!

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