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WE MONITOR THE IMPACT OF THE RAIN DROP to strategically plan soil restoration processes



We are?

RainDrop is a social enterprise, passionate about water and soil conservation, landscape restoration and committed to social well-being.

In El Salvador, we are pioneers and specialists in Vegetable Cover Monitoring, we measure, describe and evaluate covers through a series of field data collection protocols that help us determine the type of restoration that will be done in a given area.

We use science and technology to help people to be well informed, we provide accurate information on the state of their soils, so that they make the best decisions.


Offer people quality products and services, constantly innovating in techniques for the conservation of resources, soil and water.


To be leaders in environmental research services and in the execution of landscape restoration plans in our country and in the region, adopting new technologies that provide efficient solutions to the demands of the moment.


Forest Trees




Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

Professional ethics

Image by Lawrence Aritao


Black Soil





The environmental situation in our country is becoming increasingly difficult, the levels of contamination, the deterioration of natural resources, the high levels of risk and vulnerability of many areas nationwide are increasing.


RainDrop was born from this clear environmental need, with the purpose of minimizing the progressive deterioration of the environment through the depletion of resources such as water, air and soil; caused by human hands or naturally. We were born to help solve problems.


We are passionate about working for the environment, we are pioneers in our country in using Plant Cover Monitoring at ground level to restore degraded areas.


We specialize in Consulting, Research and Restoration.


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