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We monitoring the raindrop impact to strategically plan soil restoration processes


We are?

RainDrop is a social enterprise passionate about water conservation, ecological landscape restoration, and social well-being. Our mission is to drive a positive impact in El Salvador and beyond.

In El Salvador, we have established our position as pioneers and experts in Plant Cover Monitoring. Through rigorous field data collection protocols, we measure, describe and evaluate vegetation covers in specific areas. This data is critical to determining the optimal restoration approach at each location.

Our company combines science and technology to empower people with accurate information about the condition of their soils. Our goal is to provide communities with the information necessary to make informed decisions and promote sustainable management of natural resources.


Offer people quality products and services, constantly innovating in techniques for the conservation of resources; soil and water.


To be leaders in environmental research services and in the execution of landscape restoration plans in our country and in the region, adopting new technologies that provide efficient solutions to the demands of the moment.


Forest Trees




Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

Professional ethics

Image by Lawrence Aritao


Black Soil




The environmental situation in our country is becoming increasingly challenging, with increasing levels of pollution, depletion of natural resources and an increase in risks and vulnerability in various areas nationwide.

RainDrop arises as a response to this clear environmental need, with the purpose of counteracting the progressive deterioration of the environment, caused by both human activity and natural factors, which deplete critical resources such as water, air and soil. Our mission is to address these problems and contribute to their resolution.

We are motivated by a deep passion for working for the environment, and we are proud to be pioneers in the use of Plant Cover Monitoring at ground level in our country to carry out the restoration of degraded areas.

At RainDrop, we specialize in consulting, research and restoration, offering concrete and effective solutions to protect and revitalize our natural environment.


Our workin pictures

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