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Consulting, Research & Restoration

Bosque en preoceso de restauración

RainDrop is a social enterprise committed to landscape restoration. We firmly believe in the need to implement significant changes, especially in the human aspect. It is imperative that we change our destructive habits and customs to begin the work of restoration and reconstruction.

Our work involves different activities aimed at strengthening the environment and creating more resilient structures. To achieve this, we employ innovative approaches, such as the use of drones, cover crops, the reintroduction of native species and various technological tools. All of this is done with the aim of efficiently addressing the environmental challenges we face.

One of our main objectives is to measure the short, medium and long term impact that we generate on the landscape. We do this through detailed analyzes of land cover, allowing us to quantify and evaluate the positive changes we help achieve.


At RainDrop we have a wide range of services that will improve your productivity, the health of your collaborators and that of your crops, at the same time we contribute to sustainability and the responsible use of resources, aimed at protecting the environment.

We put all our efforts into providing correct and timely information, both for farmers, companies and organizations.



RainDrop Agro

Because agriculture is changing and technological innovation is one of the keys to ensuring productivity.

We offer you:

Drone irrigation

Multispectral reports


Regenerative agriculture


Science and Research

We use science to answer various questions and generate information that helps make better decisions. 

Key themes:





Environmental Restoration

The future will depend only on our commitment to the land, resources and environment. Let's be part of it.

In what area can we help you:

Environmental restoration

Forest management plans

Management of water recharge areas

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Cantón Zunca, Atiquizaya, Ahuachapán, El Salvador, CA

+503 7371-3605

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