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Forests are essential for the health of the population, since they fulfill the function of being carbon sinks, natural deposits that absorb CO2. In El Salvador every day the forest mass is significantly reduced by the extraction of resources for different purposes, such as firewood, wood for construction, among others.


Access to water for human use depends on the quality and quantity of forested areas, as well as on good agricultural land management.


As part of our conservation vision, we join forces with different sectors to work on the restoration of key areas.


At RainDrop we are specialists in ecological restoration, we work to recover various forest ecosystems, regeneration of tributaries, riparian areas and any degraded area.


It all adds up, so this is a process that can be done from a small park in a city to large degraded areas. Any area with environmental degradation is an ideal setting for RainDrop to get down to business and begin restoring. Using science and technology, we apply different measurement and research protocols.

SOIL health

In El Salvador, soil health for crops has declined due to the intensive use of pesticides, burning, and monocultures. Currently, soils require a huge amount of chemical fertilizers to compensate for the lack of nutrients in the soil, this has an impact on both the farmer's economy and the health of the population.


Now more than ever it is important for farmers across the country to produce quality food, in quantities that allow them to generate profitability, while ensuring long-term soil fertility. The main objective is to achieve a Sustainable Agroecology.


How do we do it?

It all starts with a vegetation cover monitoring. Based on a field investigation, the most suitable criteria are established to restore or improve the health of the soil and that this translates into a better performance of the plots.


Agricultural practices:

  • Incorporation of cover crops.

  • Live fences.

  • Increase in biomass.

  • Crop diversification.

  • Zero or rational use of pesticides.

  • Minimal tillage.


The whole set of appropriate practices applied to the plot translates into better soil quality (soils rich in beneficial microorganisms), which helps the crops to be more resilient to prolonged periods of droughts or other situation.

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