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River Clean up Campaigns


Welcome to our section dedicated to River Cleanup Campaigns, an initiative we are proud to collaborate on with RainDrop Impact Foundation to protect and preserve the water resources of our region. In these projects, we enthusiastically join forces with local communities to carry out concrete actions that make a real difference in caring for our rivers.

One of the fundamental pillars of our campaigns is the active participation of local people who share our commitment to the environment. Together with them, we have conducted cleanup sessions in riverside areas, removing tons of waste that threatened the health of our rivers and the wildlife that inhabits them. This collaboration demonstrates the transformative power that arises when we come together as a community to address environmental challenges.

In addition to our cleanup actions, we have implemented an innovative initiative: the installation of trash bins with environmental awareness messages on the riverbanks. These bins not only serve as waste collection points but also act as visual reminders of the importance of caring for our natural environment. With inspiring and educational messages, we aim to foster an attitude change towards environmental care and promote sustainable practices among all members of the community.

We are committed to continuing our conservation initiatives, knowing that every small action contributes to protecting our rivers and ensuring a cleaner and healthier future for generations to come. We deeply appreciate RainDrop Impact Foundation for their support and collaboration in this important joint effort.

Join us in this mission to care for and preserve our rivers. Together we can make a difference!



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