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San Lorenzo Forest

Welcome to San Lorenzo Forest, located in the municipality of San Lorenzo. This area covers a total of 26 hectares and has been designated as a protected area to preserve its invaluable environmental wealth.

Since 2019, we have been committed to the conservation and revitalization of this forest. The first stage of our project focused on thorough research and information gathering about the local ecosystem. This knowledge base allowed us to design effective strategies for its long-term restoration and conservation.

In 2021, we began a crucial stage: the planting of native trees. We are excited to share that to date we have planted over 25 thousand trees, each one representing a step towards the regeneration of this ecosystem. All our plantations consist exclusively of native species, thus ensuring the integrity and biodiversity of the forest.

In addition to its ecological value, San Lorenzo Forest plays a crucial role as a water recharge area. Part of the local community depends on the water that comes from a spring located in this forest. Therefore, protecting and restoring this ecosystem is fundamental to ensuring a safe and sustainable water supply for present and future generations.

It is important to highlight that our work would not be possible without the collaboration and support of local stakeholders. We are proud to have the active participation of the municipality, schools, environmental organizations, and above all, the members of the community. Together, we are creating a positive and lasting impact on San Lorenzo Forest, protecting its natural beauty and ensuring a vital water supply for the community.

Join us on this exciting conservation journey. Your help is essential to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for San Lorenzo Forest and all the creatures that call this place home.




and we continue



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